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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Reds Season Review

Cincinnati RedsImage via Wikipedia

I completed a "sabermetric" (I still don't like that word, but I've become resigned that I have to use it to be understood) review of the 2009 Cincinnati Reds at Red Reporter. Here are the parts:
Did some fun things here:
  • The introduction piece has a nice historical angle to it that I really like.
  • The position-by-position run above average plots in the position player pieces were a nice way of summarizing the overall team performance.
  • The hitting info included full baserunning from baseball prospectus pull park corrections, so I think it's the best available right now for Reds players.
  • The fielding info incorporated fan scouting data in a semi-crude, but still useful way. Again, I think it's the best available for Reds players.
  • I also really like the introductory graph for the pitcher piece. People can complain about one metric vs. another, but when all three approaches show the same thing, I think it paints a pretty strong picture.
Well, that's enough patting myself on the back for one day. It's exam week and I have to figure out what I'm going to do if school gets snowed out tomorrow.