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Saturday, March 03, 2007

This blog is one!

Completely slipped my mind, but On Baseball and the Reds turned one year old on Thursday. :) I thought it might be fun to go re-read my initial post:

Hi folks.

Thanks for stopping by my little blog. My goals for this site are pretty modest:

  • Provide a place for my Baseball Statistics Quicksheet, a brief compilation of some of the various "new," interesting, and valuable statistics for evaluating batters, pitchers, and fielders. You will find out what the different acronyms mean, how to calculate and interpret them, as well as (most importantly) where to find them on the web. The most frustrating thing I've found about the new statistics is that it can be really difficult to find the actual numbers on players. The quicksheet will be an ongoing project to help with these problems.
  • Provide a permanent place for my occasional article on baseball statistics. This will range from analysis of individual player performance to perhaps even larger evaluations of player performance.
  • Links to new baseball stat articles I see/read. I'm not good about staying current with all the various research, but maybe this site will help me to this end. :)
  • Occasional posts and commentary surrounding big news in the Reds franchise or its players. Please note that I do not intend for this site to be a news blog site; there are many Reds' blogs that already do a fantastic job of that. But I may occasionally want to bitch or cheer here as well.
  • Maybe occasional posts about my exploits in computer baseball games, especially Out of the Park Baseball.
That's it for now. -JinAZ
Heh, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. :)

Truth be told, the blog has been pretty much what I planned it to be, just more active and more popular than I expected. Reading that post did remind me that my baseball statistics quicksheet is hopelessly out of date...and it isn't even linked from the main page! I really did want that to be a major feature of this site. Once I get a few more things off my plate, I'm going to sit down and completely re-write it. There are a lot of new resources these days, and I've learned a great deal since then. ... Honestly, I think the result will be a leaner, better primer on baseball statistics.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who stops by here on occasion--the interactions we have here are some of the most rewarding parts of operating this blog.

Oh yeah--go reds! 3-0. Hamilton watch: 6-12, 2 2B, 1 HR, 1 BB, and 1 K. Not a bad start for the guy. :) Hope he can keep it up as the pitchers start to learn about him.


  1. Congratulations on the anniversary. This is one of the five or six baseball blogs I have on my frequent hit list. Thanks for all the hard work. I've started writing for a blog about the University of Kansas baseball team. It's amazing how much time it can suck up if you are not careful.

    Well, keep up the good work. I'll be here. - James (JQ)

  2. Congratulations, and "Happy Birthday!"

  3. Thanks folks! I just need to get this paper for work done so I can get back to my pitching review. ::grumble::

  4. Happy Anniversary.

    I too drop by on a daily basis.

    Love the stuff here. :)

  5. This blog looks pretty good. I'll link it so I can visit more often.