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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Speaking Statistically

I was asked to contribute to this week's roundtable discussion at StatSpeak. Leading up to my appearance there, they had roundtable discussions with people like Will Carroll, J.C. Bradbury, and Paul freaking DePodesta. So, yeah...this week has to be kind of a letdown for the StatSpeak crew, eh? :)

In all seriousness, thanks again to Pizza Cutter for the chance to contribute.

Anyway, click here to see the discussion. We trade views on advances in baseball research, what new data we need to advance fielding statistics, whether one should bring back an ace early for a particularly important game, overlooked players, and what to make of the Astros' recent surge.


  1. Don't forget my glorious stint as a round table participant. Not that I remember what we discussed.

    Good job, btw.

  2. Right, how could I forget!? That should have headlined my list of participants! :)

    I literally just went back three participants, skipping over a week when they had someone back out and a week when they introduced Colin and Brian... But that's a pretty impressive group of three guests, eh?

  3. Sky, you're hanging out at BTB? That's awesome.

    I remember thinking that the whole roundtable thing might last a couple weeks when we first started it. We've been lucky. There's a lot of really good people out there (some of whom we haven't even gotten around to asking yet!) and most of them have said yes.

  4. Pizza, yes, and thanks. If we start some sort of round table feature, we totally did NOT rip it off from you guys. Not at all.