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Friday, March 24, 2006

Choi claimed by Boston

BrooklynRedz over at RedsZone spotted this tidbit, possibly off of ESPN's transaction wire:
Claimed first baseman Hee-Seop Choi off waivers from the Los Angeles Dodgers.
I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought Choi would be a great choice for our starting 1B if he truly was available via the waiver wire. Honestly, I'm shocked by this. The Reds would have had waiver priority over the Red Sox due to their winning record last year, which means the Reds simply passed on Choi. I just don't get it. He's cheap ($700k as I recall), has potential, and was free. This is a guy who hit 0.271/0.389/0.500/0.889 with 15 HR in 338 AB's just two years ago and is just 27 years old. His PECOTA 2006 projected VORP (17.6) is higher than Aurilia (10.2), Womack (-8.6), Freel (6.2), LaRue (9.3), Denorfia (10.0), and Hatteberg (0.0)...despite Choi playing at 1B, which has the best hitting replacement player comparison.

I promised I'd stay on the Krivsky bandwagon this year, but I just don't get this any more than I get the Womack/Howard trade (granted, that was not Wayne's fault). Maybe he's just too focused on the LaRue/Penny trade (rumor)... So tip of the hat to Theo Epstein et al over in Boston. We'll get you some day!! ::shakes fist::

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