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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Collective Bargaining Agreement to Expire

Maury Brown posted notice that the MLB/MLBPA collective bargaining agreement is set to expire this offseason on December 19th. He looks at what we can expect from the owners and players. According to Maury, all signs indicate that an agreement is very possible, if not likely to be made without work stoppages and such. An excerpt:
In closing, what seems clear is both MLB and the MLBPA understand what the NFL does: Stability breeds a healthy sports industry. Advertisers, and those that invest in MLB are far more likely to do long-term business with MLB if they have a level of comfort in knowing that the wheels aren't always in jeopardy of falling off.

Are there serious issues that still need to be addressed? Certainly. Is MLB and the MLBPA a blissful, always harmonious love-fest? Hardly. But, things are certainly better than at any point in time since the ascension of the Players Association. Maybe old wounds can really be healed.
Very good news. I just can't imagine that the owners or the players would be stupid enough to have another repeat of what happened in 1994. The cooperation that the players and owners have shown in recent years over the steroid problem gives me a lot of hope that any sticking points will be resolved quickly and quietly.

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