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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kenneth is amused at the simplicity of this game

Wow. Griffey is absolutely amazing. This Reds offense is amazing. This game was lost. Lost in horrific and dramatic fashion. And then, with a rally brewing in the bottom of the inning, Freel almost runs us out of the ballgame. But Lopez singles, Eddie walks with a 12-pitch at-bat, and then Griffey arrives. There is no doubt; the man is special. Wow.

Photo by Jeff Swinger of the Cincinnati Enquirer
Was anyone else terrified when they heard that he was being mobbed by his teammates. Don't hurt the leg guys!!! :)


  1. I'm usually not prone to exagerrating the effect of one win, but tonight may have been a key and defining moment in a hopefully brilliant season. Griffey's shot was majestic, and whatever I say about it won't do it justice.

    But how about EdE's incredible walk? For such a young guy he's showing some incredible discipline and moxie at the plate.

  2. I originally watched this on a webcast. Seeing "ball in play, run scoring play" before the report of Griffey's homer does have its own sense of it's compatible with the spending time with the wife). But just went and listened to Marty's broacast of the entire 11th inning (thank you MLB gameday). Simply amazing.

    EdE's walk was huge, and so was Lopez's single, especially given what Freel had done just ahead of him. And it's pretty easy to forget, but Ray Olmedo had a heck of an at-bat to get that inning started. Wow. I'm still feeling high after this. I can't wait to see the WPA graph of this tomorrow. :)

    I think you may be right about the importance of this win. The Reds were just starting to stutter. The offense was struggling, the bullpen has been falling apart, and only two of the starters have been effective of late. But this might just be enough to get them going again. I sure hope so. Best start to the season since 1990!

  3. Anybody else think Freel is pressing? Aggressive/scrappy is good, but as EdE, Lopez and Junior proved, this team doesn't have to be damn-the-torpedoes aggressive to mount a comeback.

  4. Freel is scary. "Overhustle" may win some of the time, but the associated recklessness will eventually cost getting gunned last night.

    I just hope that when he is out there he doesn't crash into Jr., Dunn or Kearns going all out in the outfield and really cost this team.