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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Homer Bailey Featured at Minor League Baseball

John Sickels has posted one of his prospect smackdowns, this time featuring Reds prospect Homer Bailey (and Eric Hurley). He's very high on Bailey:
Scouts say that Bailey projects to be a Number One starter at the Major League level, assuming that he can harness his command. Both his fastball and curveball are (or will be) plus major league pitchers, and if the changeup develops as expected, he can really dominate. We have to see if he can stay healthy, of course. His control does look better in the early going this year. He has a "mean projected VORP" of 25.9 with an upside of 42.2 from 2006 through 2010 according to Baseball Prospectus.
Nice to see a Reds prospect getting some love from Sickels. His blog and annual book are some of the best resources available to the public for prospect evaluations.

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