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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Majewski blows it again, with help from Mercker

I actually feel bad for Gary Majewski, as he's going to get crucified by the fans over his disastrous appearances for the Reds thus far. Even though Bill Bray was clearly the Reds' prize from the recent trade in the long term, Majewski has been hyped by the team as main guy from the deal in the short term. He has had impressive numbers the past two seasons, but as I discussed in my piece on the trade, his ERA has been helped by being a bit hit lucky the past season and a half.

The guy is an average middle reliever. He can keep the ball in the park, but he walks a lot of hitters and doesn't strike a whole lot of them out. That's fine, he's still valuable in our struggling pen. But he's not really a setup man, and shouldn't be used in that capacity. ... not that we probably had much of a choice tonight after all the innings the bullpen threw last night.

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