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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Milton pitching, by-the-minute impressions

Milton's 3rd trip through the opposing lineup today is beginning with the leadoff batter in the 5th inning. Let's see what happens:

5th inning, looked good. 1 k, one soft ground ball, one walk, but then induced Carlos Lee to pop out to catcher.

6th inning, starting to lose it. A single followed by two consecutive fly outs, both of which were reasonably well hit. Barnwell's ground out might have tempted me to leave him in for the 7th, but not at the cost of letting Milton lead off the bottom of the 6th inning. He'd be done at this point if I were managing.

7th inning, on the decline. Starts with a strikeout of the opposing pitcher, but then promptly hit Rickie Weeks. I would have definitely pulled him at this point. Brady Clark grounded out, which is nice, but the Hall walk, which pushed Milton to 99 pitches, sealed the deal. Narron pulled Milton in favor of Majewski. Obviously that didn't work out, but at least Narron has learned something from Milton's last start.

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  1. and maybe next time narron will have learned not to let milton lead off the inning.