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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hell truly hath frozen over

Aurilia is playing shortstop today! And Eddie Encarnacion is hitting above him in the batting order! We're actually playing all the guys that I would play if I were putting together the lineup! It's incredible!

So please, guys, score a lot of runs. Show Jerry this is a good idea. He needs the positive reinforcement.

Update: Three consecutive home runs is pretty impressive. Hope that'll do the trick. Though I have a feeling this is a "day game after a night game"-type lineup.


  1. Unfortunately, I think the only thing Narron's going to remember about this game is Everyday Eddie coughing up the lead again. For me, I'll remember that it was the light-hitting shortstop we didn't have to trade Lopez to get (Castro) who ultimately won the game, not the one we did (Clayton).

  2. yeah Jerry needs to use this lineup for every game in this upcoming series vs. the Cards. For some reason, I don't think he will do it.

  3. I'm going to think positive and say that we'll see this lineup for all three games of the Cardinals series.

  4. I'm also hopeful that Narron will stick with this lineup. Aurilia looked just as good at SS as Clayton did, and maybe Narron will remember Richie's HR Sunday when writing out the lineup cards this week.

  5. The only problem with playing Richie is that it leaves a bench of Valentin, LaRue, Hollandsworth, Castro, and Clayton. While I have a little faith in Valentin as a PH, the others make me cringe. The bench was the biggest victim of the Trade, IMO. Still, I believe you should always put your best team on the field, and Sunday's lineup was just that. I've wanted Rich to play short for some time now, so it was soooo nice to see him there.