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Monday, August 07, 2006

Umm, yikes?

Elizardo sure picked a bad day to have the worst start of his major league career. Owww...


  1. yeah just an all around poor effort by the Reds. As far as the Lizard goes, I am thinking maybe the inexperience of being in a playoff chase is getting to him. I don't think he is as bad as he has shown the last two starts, but he looks very tense and has no confidence out there right now.

  2. I'm sure EZ will be fine--I'm a big fan of his, and have been a huge supporter of his effort this year. He did show a tendency to let nerves get to him during the early innings of his earlier starts, so I wouldn't be surprised if something like that is happening again. He's only 23 after all. :) It's just a shame that this happened today of all games this year. -j

  3. I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to wonder about all these last second trades. Krivsky not only overpaid, but the performance of most of these players stinks. If the Reds don't win the next three, this season is over.

  4. Well, I won't be willing to conceed the season just yet, even if they're swept. A lot can happen between now and the season's end, and there's always the wild card.

    But, yeah, I'm comfortable with exactly one trade after Eddie Guardado, and that was the trade for Lohse. This latest deal for Franklin might be nothing, or might be terrible, depending on who the player to be named later turns out to be. Hopefully it's not someone like Sean Watson.

    I'll try to get something up on Franklin tomorrow or so.