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Friday, November 17, 2006

BP's take on Reds Top Prospects

Kevin Goldstein has posted his top-10 prospects list for the Reds (subscription req'd for full document). No real surprises in the list, especially among the top 3 (Bailey, Bruce, and Votto). He wrote this about #1 prospect Homer Bailey:
The total package: a classic Texas power pitcher whose heat sits in the mid-90s, touches 98 mph, and he backs it up with a 12-to-6 curveball that is an absolute sledgehammer. His changeup is solid, and he's aggressive to the point of arrogance-–he's damn good and he knows it.
In addition to Bailey, Goldstein predicts that Joey Votto will also make his debut sometime next year, even though he will certainly start in AAA.

Other interesting observations:
  • Travis Wood's stuff took a hit this year, especially noting a 2-5 mph drop in velocity on his fastball, as well as very iffy control. Success was still there, but there's cause for concern about his future.
  • Milton Loo is apparently very good with the ukulele
  • Calvin Medlock, who I've never heard of and was not in his top-10 list, was a 39th round pick in 2003, but has advanced steadily and struck out 70 batters in 63.7 innings in AA last year, with a 2.97 ERA. Despite being small, he throws in the mid-90's and has a good changeup.
Finally, Goldstein gave a ranking of all 25 and under year-olds in the Reds system, majors included. Edwin Encarnacion ranked 3rd behind Bailey and Bruce, with Brandon Phillips and Bill Bray coming in #6 & 7 behind Votto and Stubbs.