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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Enquirer on Dunn

John Erardi has another nice article about Adam Dunn in today's Cincinnati Enquirer, which touches on both his status as the Reds' best offensive ballplayer as well as his status as a lightning rod for controversy. Among the features associated with this article are some quotes by both myself and Greg Gagus. Oh, and Steve Phillips, whoever he is. :]

There's also a great article about the power that the Brennamen(tm) have over fan opinion. I think it's really important to highlight how influential these guys can be...hopefully they will start to think a little bit about just how negative they are about this ballclub. Negativity like that is not fun to listen to, and is one of the reasons why I've often enjoyed listening to the road games more than home games this year--XM Radio only carries home announcers, so I get to listen to all the away announcers on road trips. At first I was disappointed this, but it's often been more of a blessing, as it gives me a chance to feel good about our team for a while.

Thanks again to John Erardi for continuing to involve us in the occasional Reds article. It's really fun to be able to contribute to these things, and the results are always things that I'm proud to be associated with!