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Friday, January 11, 2008

Reds hire Jocketty

Today the Reds hired Walt Jocketty as a special assistant to Bob Castellini. Can't help but like the fact that the Reds are hiring more people. I thought this quote from Jocketty was interesting:

"I report to Bob. Basically, I'll be involved in every aspect, working with Wayne. I think Wayne's done a great job in the two years."

Sounds as though he'll be serving as a sounding board for Wayne on baseball decisions, and a source of second opinions to Bob. I think it sounds like a fine idea. Wayne will still be in charge, but Jocketty can provide his perspectives on moves. If there's been one rumored dig against Krivsky from the people in (or, rather, leaving) the front office, it's that he can be very exclusionary toward people who aren't in his inner circle. Jocketty, on the other hand, is not only an accomplished executive, but he's one that Krivsky has to interact with because he has Bob Castellini's ear.

I don't want this addition to hamstring Krivsky's ability to make decisions on the fly, of course. But I wouldn't mind a bit more reflection on some of the moves the front office makes now and then, be it laughable picks in the rule 5 draft, or devastating trades.