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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Watching Griffey

I've had the chance to sit in front of a TV the last few nights and grade papers while the White Sox battled it out with the Tigers & the Twins. I somehow have a very hard time rooting for the Sox, at least when Griffey's not at the plate. But it sure was fun to see him celebrating after they made it into the playoffs tonight. And it's been nice to see Griffey able to contribute, be it today's perfect throw from the outfield, or the walk yesterday to load the bases for Ramirez.

I wonder what it's like for the guy. He's playing a much diminished role with them vs. what he's accustomed to in Cincinnati & Seattle, center field bizzaroness notwithstanding. And he's only been there two months now, so he's essentially a rent-a-player--not a role he's experienced before. I almost felt bad for him when he left the game for a pinch runner today after his double. But at the same time, that's probably how he should be used these days, as Anderson's game-halting catch so clearly demonstrated (Griffey wouldn't have made that play).

I'm sure it's not as sweet as when his Mariners made it to the playoffs back in the '90's. But I'm also sure it feels good to finally be going to a playoff series. I certainly will keep trying to root for them to go all the way.