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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

@BtB: Power Rankings Updated

Back from vacation for a few days now, and I think I've already lost the little bit of tan I gained. In typical basement-dweller fashion, I don't much like the sun. Much prefer to be under the umbrella with a good book or binoculars/bird book. But the kids did get some time, and mighty sand-castles were built in Ocean City.

Anyway, I updated the power rankings today. The Reds are basically just sucking these days, but nothing prepared me for this:
I also wanted to take a moment to mourn what's happening with my Reds, who have slipped to second-to-last in the rankings behind the...Nationals. At least Jim Bowden isn't employed over there anymore, though I'm sure that a) he reads this and b) he's gloating. Bastard.
I feel sad about the Reds right now. Fortunately, I have some historical Reds stuff planned in the very near future to get my mind off of this 2009 team. Stay tuned...