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Friday, April 25, 2014

Reds vs. Braves Series Preview

My preview of the Reds vs. the Braves is up at Red Reporter!
The Braves look like a good team, and are off to a great start. Their main question moving forward will be whether their starting pitching can keep up at least quality performances once it starts to regress. They need Teheran to rediscover his strikeout rate, Aaron Harang to really have reinvented himself, and young gun Alex Wood to materialize. Fortunately, I think the Reds match up pretty nicely for this series. Game 1 looks like a pretty even match-up, and I like the Reds' chances in games 2 & 3. It would be awfully nice to take a 0.500+ record with them when the Reds return to Great American Ballpark on Monday to host the Cubs.

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