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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ross Hits a Walkoff, Reds Beat Cards

Went to the Diamondbacks game tonight, and it was a good one. Insane number of stranded baserunners, but Luis Gonzalez hit a 2 run homer, Chad Tracy went 3 for 4, Stephen Drew hit a double and looked outstanding in the field (despite a momentary bobble), and Carlos Quentin made an amazing catch in right field. Not quite Ryan Freel amazing, but amazing. In the end, though, the biggest thrill of the night was when I looked up at the scoreboard and saw this:


The AP released some wonderful photos of tonight's game, and I've decided to post a few of them. I'm not sure about the rules on this, and I'd prefer to remain ignorant, so please don't tell me unless you represent the AP or you are one of the photographers, who are Al Behrman or David Kohl. They're too good to pass up. Great job guys.

Edwin's Catch. How can you not be excited by this kid?
And Phillips? And Freel? These guys are so much fun to watch.
And, of course, Dave Ross's home run:

I love that last one.

Second happiest moment of the night? When I got home and realized that the Reds TV game that I thought I was missing tonight is actually on the air tomorrow morning. I probably won't be able to watch it until late tomorrow night, so please, no spoilers in the comments on Thursday's game!! Go Reds!

Update: Here's's WPA graph from last night's game. Dave Ross gained 74.5 WPA with one swing of the bat!
I'm still not watching the game today until tonight (Thursday), so please, no spoilers!