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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wow - The Kid Molina Delivers

Watching the game tonight. I've been pretty apathetic about this series, as I don't really like the Mets by general principle, and the Cardinals are in the post-season only because they were the least bad team in the NL Central. But this has been a heck of a battle all night, and has been a lot of fun to watch. One of the players I like the most on these teams is that kid Molina, just because I've always enjoyed watching superb defensive catchers. So it was pretty fun to see him swing big in the top of the 9th.

'Course, valentin just got on base to lead off the bottom of the 9th via a bloop single. I almost hope they tie it up just to keep this game going. :)

Hmm... base hit by Chavez. That one still wasn't hit that well.. But Floyd is a scary hitter in this situation. They're talking a bunt, but I can't imagine that would be the play at this point. I mean, you need two runs, how can you waste the out with a power hitter at-bat? Even if he is injured. Whew, first pitch he was going for the jack. Definitely not a bunt. :)

Floyd's gone. Double play gets them out of it now... Though that's a tall order with Reyes at the plate.

Line drive to center field for the second out. Still isn't over, as LoDuca's a quality hitter, and Wainwright is proving hittable tonight.

3-1 count....Oh my, bases loaded with the walk, and Carlos Beltran is up. At the least, New York won't be able to say that they didn't have a shot.

Strike one down the middle...Strike two fouled off the foot...Takes the strike!

Wow. So the 2006 Cardinals, the worst team they've fielded in the last three years, is going to the World Series. They beat an all-pitching, no offense team in San Diego, and they beat an all offense and relief, no-starting pitching team in New York. But my prediction is that Detroit is going to clean their clocks. Detroit has three starters that are on par with Carpenter, an unbelievable bullpen, and plenty of sock in their lineup. The Cards can only get lucky for so long.