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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Updated Reds Links

With several new Reds' blogs appearing over the past few weeks (yay!), I've updated my list of Reds-related links with these new entries. I've also gone through and removed some that seem to have gone inactive--any that haven't been updated since the end of last season was removed. If your blog got removed and you're still planning to maintain it this year, just let me know (via comment or e-mail and I'll gladly add it back. :)

Also, last night I finished most of the data analysis on a fairly substantial fielding study, which extends some of what I did in this post: How should we calculate Zone Rating? Look for it tonight or tomorrow night, depending on how long it takes to write up. I think the findings are potentially useful enough that it might have gone as a freelance piece to THT, but I ultimately decided to just post it here (so I get full editorial control). Hopefully it'll still be helpful to some people.

Once that's done, I'll finally be able to get my review of 2006 Reds fielding online as well, which should be worth reading. Like the other reviews, the emphasis will be on graphical depictions of Reds player performance. It will be based primarily (at least for non-catchers) on THT's Zone Rating and David Pinto's Probabilistic Model of Range.