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Friday, December 07, 2007

Reds transactions since the end of the season

I'm working up something for THT, and wanted to try to get a handle on all the Reds' player transactions since the end of the season. I'll throw in scattered commentary here and there too. If you see that I missed a transaction, please let me know.
  • 10/11/07 - Lost Mark Bellhorn, Jason Ellison, and Kirk Saarloos to free agency. All are ~replacement players, so no big deal.
  • 10/15/07 - Signed Dusty Baker. My thoughts here and here.
  • 10/18/07 - Lost Ryan Jorgensen to free agency. Jorgensen had one great game, and then shortly thereafter flunked a drug test. Shame.
  • 10/26/07 - Pedro Lopez and Michael Gosling claimed off of waivers by Toronto. I'm just glad Lopez is ok after his scary accident in July. Gosling had one of the stranger k v. bb profiles I've ever seen (8+ k/9, but just 1.1:1 k:bb ratio), especially for someone with a history as a soft-tossing lefty. Both are replacement players.
  • 10/27/07 - Phil Dumatrait claimed off of waivers by Pittsburgh. Dumatrait seemed to be universally overrated by a lot of fans, but I don't see this as much of a loss.
  • 10/30/07 - Lost Eric Milton to free agency. Too bad it never worked out, but at least he's off the payroll.
  • 11/1/07 - Exercised options on Adam Dunn, Javier Valentin, and Scott Hatteberg. Declined option on Eddie Guardado, which immediately made him a free agent. My thoughts on all these moves are here.
  • 11/20/07 - Added Richie Gardner, Tyler Pelland, Ramon Ramirez, Daryl Thompson, Paul Janish, and Craig Tatum to 40-man roster to protect them in the Rule 5 draft. I'm doubtful that any of these guys can help us next year except in a very limited role, but a few of these guys could potentially contribute in a bigger way in '09.
  • 11/28/07 - Signed Francisco Cordero. My thoughts are here.
  • 12/5/07 - Traded Buck Coats to Jays for PTBNL or cash - Meh.
  • 12/5/07 - Released Jorge Cantu - This one surprised me, as I had penciled him in as the platoon-mate for either Hatteberg or Votto next season at first base. My guess is that this means that Keppinger will get some time at first base, which the Fans think is probably the only position where he's an above average fielder (edit: I wrote that before seeing Krivsky's comments confirming this). Or, we could see Encarnacion over there against left-handers... This does answer the question of how Hatteberg can make the 25-man roster, and frees up the Reds to make a Rule 5 pick if they so desire. It also makes the loss of Calvin Medlock even more annoying.
  • 12/6/07 - Reds lose Carlos Guevara to Marlins, but pick up Sergio Valenzuela from Braves in Rule 5 draft. My thoughts here.