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Monday, July 14, 2008

We're here

We've actually been here in town since the 3rd of this month, but this is the first day that I've had decent internet access because I'm finally sitting in my office at my new job. The internets guy is supposed to FINALLY come by the house tomorrow afternoon, so at that point I may be able to get back in touch with the world at large. We also have pretty freaking awesome television now (as of Saturday), complete with a very nice HD-DVR, courtesy of Dish Network. Baseball in HD is a wonderful thing to behold. I might actually watch the All-Star game this year).

Anyhow, my hope is that I can get back in the swing of things over the coming week or two, assuming I can tear myself away from Zelda. I definitely want to run updates of the total value numbers for the Reds and MLB in general in the next few days, so we have a first "half" view of everyone's performance to date. But I'd also like to get back into doing some links posts and discussion, and perhaps will dabble in a bit of research as well. I'm still excited about the Winning Reds historical series I mentioned ages ago, so I might start working on that again. We'll see!