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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So I'm going to jump on the Twitter bandwagon and see where it goes. Should be a nice way to make occasional updates around here without much of a time investment. We'll see. I've been pretty reluctant to start on this, but then I didn't think I'd like facebook either.

FWIW, my first two tweets were exactly 140 characters long. :)

As far as my inactivity recently, two things have happened. One, my dad and sister visited last weekend, which "interfered" with my friday night links. And two, it's exam season, which means there's one last big push before I have the summer to myself. Last final is given on Saturday, with grades due Wednesday. I'm pretty excited to have this first year in the bag!

Update: As Matty G so astutely pointed out, it would help if I provided my handle: jinazreds

Also, you can see all of my recent tweets in the upper-left corner of this blog's sidebar. :)