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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

History of Crosley Field

The +Cincinnati Museum Center ran a nice little note on the history of Crosley Field on their Google Plus page yesterday.  Here it is:

Since baseball season is in full swing, we thought it was high time we shared some good old-fashioned baseball history.
On May 17, 1912, Redland Field – the fifth home of the Cincinnati Reds – was dedicated. The facility was located at the corner of Western Avenue and Findlay Street (as seen below). At the time, it was the largest playing area in the major leagues and the first two-tiered stadium in Cincinnati.

In 1934, it was renamed Crosley Field, after the prominent Powel Crosley Jr. purchased the Cincinnati Reds franchise to ensure the team would remain in Cincinnati. Crosley not only had a natural love for the game, but he also had the image, money and business experience to head a successful major league franchise, especially during an economic depression. Crosley soon became one of the game’s great innovators. Before he owned the team, he had personally broadcast the first Cincinnati baseball game ever heard on radio. After he purchased the franchise, he hosted professional baseball’s first night game in 1935.

On an unrelated note, I really like Google Plus.  It seems like twitter is the central hub for most baseball-related social media.  I do try to post my articles over there, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like it gets the traffic to be worth investing much more time there.

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