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Friday, May 16, 2014

Series Preview: Reds at Phillies

I wrote a series preview for the series against the Phillies at Red Reporter.  Not long before it went live, we got the news of Votto's MRI on his knee.  Like just about everyone, I probably overreacted.  And fortunately, we've since learned that it's probably not a major injury.  That said, it's still concerning, especially given that it happened to the same knee that gave him so much trouble two years ago.

In any case, amongst all the doom and gloom, a lot of us started thinking thinking about where the Reds are, and the potential of where they could be in a few years.  The Phillies are an aging team, and one that seems to lack a clear plan to transition into a younger, better ballclub.  They are locked into a number of large contracts that, despite their considerable market size, may be limiting their ability to get better.  The Reds aren't nearly as old as the Phillies, but they have committed themselves to a number of large contracts.  It may be a bit cynical, but one doesn't have to squint too hard to see a cautionary tale there for the Reds.  If things don't break right for the Reds, they could look a bit like the Phillies in a few years when the pitching leaves via free agency.

For more, check out badenjr's comment and my response.

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