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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

MLB Power Rankings: June 9th, 2015

With methods described in this post, here are the latest MLB power rankings!

TPI = Team Performance Index (my ranking metric).  Based on wRC, DRA, DRS, and UZR.
W% = Team Winning Percentage (i.e. real life)
Py% = Pythagorean Winning Percentage (based on real RS and RA)

On-Paper Playoff Leaders

American League - East: Rays, Central: Indians, West: A's, Wild cards: Royals and Tigers
National League - East: Mets, Central: Cardinals, West: Dodgers, Wild cards: Giants and Reds

(teams in bold are new leaders)

Team in Focus: Cleveland Indians

The Indians were one of the original "surprise" teams when I started these rankings last month, as they have been consistently rated well by the TPI stat, and well below their overall record.  They've continued to put up numbers that TPI likes, but they've also been winning.  They've gone 7-4 since the last power ranking post on May 27th.  Their pitching staff leads the major leagues in strikeout rates by a significant margin, and their 3.30 xFIP lags considerably behind their ERA.  We'd expect that for a poor-fielding team.  Nevertheless, their composite fielding score is only -12 runs, a far cry from the 58-run gap between their DRA-predicted runs allowed and their actual runs allowed.

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