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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The craziest outfield in baseball history

At the end of last month, David Temple posted an excellent episode of the Stealing Home podcast that highlights the rather absurd and definitely unique outfield used by the University of Texas baseball team until 1974.  This is despite the fact that a podcast is almost exactly the wrong medium to describe it.  Really, seeing is believing:
If you look closely along left-center field you can see the "Billy Goat Trail" up to deep center field.  Yes, deep center field was in play, which means outfielders had to run up there to field well-struck balls to center.  Amazing.

EJ Fagan, who was interviewed in David Temple's podcast, posted this article that gives more pictures, more anecdotes, and news accounts of what it was like to play there.  It's a great article, so please give it a look.

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