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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Vote Red for the All-Star Game

I got an e-mail from the Cincinnati Reds marketing department today. Excerpt:

As you probably know, online voting for the 2006 All-Star Game ends this Thursday at 11:59 p.m. Updated vote counts were announced yesterday, and Ken Griffey Jr. is currently ranked fourth among NL outfielders. We need to move him up one spot for a starting position.

The Reds recently kicked off a campaign to encourage last-minute votes from the fans. I've attached our logo, which was used to create stickers and ballpark signage. Feel free to use it on your blogs if you want to encourage people to vote. Here's a direct link to the ballot:

This means two things to me.

Number one, I need to plug Griffey Jr. and the rest of the Reds for consideration on this year's all-star ballot. So go vote!

Number two, someone in the Reds organization actually reads my blog -- or at least found it when looking around this morning. And that makes me happy. :)

Update: Stay tuned for Griffey's Better Know a Red feature sometime in the coming few days. Hopefully it'll help people remember what a special player he really is.

Update #2: Since we're talking about votes, here's my quick'n'dirty selections for the all-star game this year:

Mauer, Joe (38.2 VORP, 0.444 OBP, 0.524 SLG)
Ross, Dave (17.1 VORP, 0.397 OBP, 0.697 SLG)
Hafner, Travis (45.6 VORP, 0.450 OBP, 0.625 SLG)
Pujols, Albert (40.3 VORP, 0.441 OBP, 0.732 SLG)
Roberts, Brian (17.8 VORP, 0.376 OBP, 0.395 SLG)
Phillips, Brandon (20.7 VORP, 0.357 OBP, 0.461 SLG)
Rodriguez, Alex (21.3 VORP, 0.393 OBP, 0.494 SLG)
Cabrera, Miguel (40.8 VORP, 0.447 OBP, 0.573 SLG)
Tejada, Miguel (31.9 VORP, 0.366 OBP, 0.513 SLG)
Reyes, Jose (31.9 VORP, 0.361 OBP, 0.495 SLG)
Wells, Vernon (40.2 VORP, 0.388 OBP, 0.622 SLG)
Beltran, Carlos (33.8 VORP, 0.395 OBP, 0.607 SLG)
Sizemore, Grady (36.6 VORP, 0.375 OBP, 0.548 SLG)
Holliday, Matt (32.7 VORP, 0.395 OBP, 0.606 SLG)
Suzuki, Ichiro (32.6 VORP, 0.409 OBP, 0.450 SLG)
Griffey Jr., Ken (8.7 VORP, 0.311 OBP, 0503 SLG)
Granted, the Phillips and Griffey votes are pure loyalty votes. Phillips is deserving of consideration, but it's pretty hard to ignore what Dan Uggla (29.1 VORP, 0.366 OBP, 0.532 SLG) is doing this year if you're not a Reds fan. Griffey...well, this is more a salute to his career, and unfortunately results in a slap in the face to Jason Bay (29.7 VORP, 0.407 OBP, 0.562 SLG).

But frankly, I think the Dave Ross vote is totally legit. The guy has been totally unreal, and there really aren't many other good options in the National League. Ok, sure, Brian McCann has a higher VORP (20.0), but he's also played a lot more and his percentage numbers (0.412 OBP, 0.519 SLG), while very good, aren't as fantastic--I mean, look at Dave Ross's slugging percentage! Even though Ross only has 117 plate appearances this season, he's SECOND in the league in VORP, just edging out Michael Barrett (17.0 VORP, 0.370 OBP, 0.508 SLG). So I'm writing him in, and I don't feel guilty about it.

Other comments -- Derek Jeter's offensive numbers justify his inclusion, but I gave my vote to Tejada because I think defense should matter. Brian Roberts barely made the cut over Mark Derosa for AL second basemen...mainly because I've never heard of Mark Derosa. :) But AL second basemen are an even weaker position than NL Catchers.