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Friday, June 30, 2006

Chris Hammond Released

After a horrific April and June (spaced by an excellent May), Chris Hammond has been designated for assignment. He'll be replaced by Shackelford.

Hammond's final numbers: 28.2 innings, 6.91 ERA, 7.4 k/9, 1.6 bb/9, 1.6 hr/9, 0.318 BABIP, 4.32 FIP

Unfortunately, as I in mentioned in my profile on Hammond earlier in the year, his decline this year was rather predictable based on last year's performance. While his ERA remained a solid 3.84 ERA, his BABIP was an extremely lucky 0.228, and his HR-rated doubled, resulting in an FIP of 4.75. That's a dramatic decline from his sub-3.00 ERAs of the prior three years. Interestingly, Hammond's strikeout rates have actually been up this season, though his hr-allowed rate is also up (higher even than last year), and that is almost certainly part of the reason he was hit so hard this year.

It's a shame to see him go, but I think Shackelford is capable of doing at least as good a job as Hammond has done this year. Shackelford's not a stud, but he should be able to hold down the fort. When the bullpen has been as big a disaster as the Reds' have been this season, you have to try something different and see if you can find something that works.