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Friday, January 19, 2007

Edwin Encarnacion crystal ball

John Sickels has posted a Crystal Ball for Edwin Encarnacion. I take these less seriously than PECOTA projections, so maybe we're in the very small pinch of salt range. But nevertheless, Sickels predicts an excellent career for Edwin, playing through age 38, hitting for decent average, good power, and maintaining a good bb/k ratio. I'd probably increase his walk totals slightly while decreasing his HR totals slightly from '08 onward, but I think it's a good projection. I really like that kid.

By comparison, his '07 PECOTA projections are 0.277/0.350/0.482 w/ 20 homers. I actually think he'll top that in terms of power (I'm guessing Sickels' projected 26 is about right for this year), but otherwise it looks right on.

He's a good one, and should have no problems with playing time this year ( least you'd think so...).