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Sunday, January 07, 2007

More doom and gloom

I'm sorry to be so negative lately, but I'm feeling pretty down about the Reds right now.

Case in point: Johnny Almarez, who recently left the team with statements of dissatisfaction with how Wayne Krivsky was running things, just acquired a major job with the Atlanta Braves. The Braves, of course, are one of the finest sports organizations in the world, and the fact that Almarez is now their director of Latin American operations--just a month after resigning from the Reds--speaks volumes about his abilities. I'm not saying this will be a huge hit on the Reds operations, but it's not good when high quality individuals are deserting the team.

And there's STILL nothing happening on the trade/free agent front. I'm glad we're not making bad deals, but I had hoped for some good deals this offseason as well. Gonzalez might turn out to be a quality pickup, but I just don't see the Reds as being better next year than they were this year--and, with the departure of Aurilia and the likely regressions of guys like Arroyo, Hatteberg, Ross, and Weathers, they might be significantly worse. Hopefully Dunn will have a resurgence and we get a few big-time performances in the rotation from a few guys, be they Lohse, Ramirez, or even (once he arrives) Homer Bailey.