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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back, sort of...

I have a conference starting tonight and am up to my neck in preparation for my talk. Not that it matters, as, much to my dismay, there's been absolutely nothing worth talking about since my departure aside from Marc's engagement (congrats!! we'll miss you!) and more justifiable bitching about the Kearns/Lopez/Wagner for Bray/Majewski deal.

Nevertheless, Local (to Cincinnatians) singer/songwriter Ryan Parker wrote this morning though to mention that he's released a new song. This one's a bit different from his earlier releases--it's a tribute to Griffey Jr., but at the same time, it's an attack on the prominant steriod users of the 90's. He released it on YouTube, and there's a nice slideshow that goes along with it. It's definitely worth checking out.