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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ryan Parker Reds Songs

I just received an e-mail from Ryan Parker, a singer/songwriter from Flatwoods, Kentucky. He has released his second song about the Reds this season, titled Cincinnati Is a Baseball Town. Frankly, for all my interest in stats and the like, this song is the best recap of the Reds' April that I've encountered. It's a simple song; just a guy and his guitar, singing about his favorite team, with lots of details that only a Reds fan can really appreciate.

Earlier in spring training, Parker released his other Reds song, This One Belongs to the Reds. While I'd only heard the acoustic version (linked above), he has recently recorded a new version with his band that is even better and has it for sale on CD via his website. I really like this song, and even get misty-eyed when he describes Benzinger calling for the ball back in 1990.

I highly encourage folks to go check out his stuff. If you love the Reds, I guarantee you'll be sitting there with a huge grin the whole time you listen. You can find all of his work at his website, There you can download mp3's of his songs or purchase them on CD ($5).