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Monday, November 05, 2007

2007 PMR Team Rankings

David Pinto has begun to release data for PMR in 2007, starting with 2007 team rankings. As you'd expect from my and others' work on Reds defense, the Reds fared poorly: they ranked 4th from the bottom in the National League, ahead of only the Marlins, Brewers, and Pirates. Pinto estimates that they made 28 fewer outs than expected, which is the equivalent of ~22 runs. That means that the Reds' defense alone cost them about two wins.

I'm surprised to see the Brewers that low, though Fielder, Braun, and Weeks must make for rough infield defense.

It hasn't shown in posts over the past week, but I've been diligently working on the player value series. Expect a piece on evaluating catchers in the next day or two, with the position player wrap-up shortly thereafter. Both are largely finished, just waiting of a few small details. FWIW, my own work has the Reds at about 14 runs below average overall.

As a side note, I've learned a ton of Excel in the past several weeks, which has saved an enormous amount of time. But the result of all my concatenating, pivot tableing, subtotaling, and vlookuping is that my 13.5 mb 2007 fielding spreadsheet is getting Darn Slow. ;) It's pretty neat, though, when you finally get five or so independent datasets all talking to each other without some handy commonality like a lahman id.