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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Total player value around MLB

Skyking162 is doing a wonderful position review series at his site, and he's ranking players following a very similar methodology to that I've discussed in the player value series. In fact, our e-mail conversations last month were a big part of the reason that I decided to do my series--he really helped me take my thinking to the next level. If you see differences in our rankings, it's because a) he uses a slightly different base runs model than I do to generate linear weights, and b) his fielding estimates are based on ZR and RZR only, whereas I threw in FSR as well. As far as Cincinnati Reds are concerned, the biggest discrepancy between his and my datasets is Brandon Phillips, for whatever reason.

Here are links to the positions he's covered thus far: First Base, Second Base, Left Field, and Center Field.

His blog has really become a great read for general baseball analysis and opinion since his return a few months back.