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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

2008 Total Value Estimates - Through August 4th

I've updated the total value estimates for 2008 players. You can read about all the methods in this series of posts.

  • Total value estimates for every MLB position player, based on hitting (RAR), fielding (Fld), and their position (PosAdj). Units are runs produced above a replacement player.
  • Fielding measures are based on the average runs saved according to zone rating and revised zone rating.
  • Pitchers are listed according to RAR (base runs saved above replacement) and FIP-Runs (a defense-independent pitch stat estimating runs saved above repalcement).
  • League differences are taken into account. So are park differences.
  • Closers get a leverage-based bonus in value (though it's pretty rough).

A huge thanks to Joel Luckhaupt, who used his visual basic wizardly to automate the population of my makeshift spreadsheets. Thanks also to the Hardball Times, who supplied most of the data.

Thanks also to Skyking162 for the nice feature on this project.

Update: Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times also linked to these data and pulled some interesting stuff from them. Thanks Geoff!