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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Dunn Trade

So, today Adam Dunn was traded for three players. I'm a bit under the weather tonight, so I'll be brief.

We only know the identities of one of them, RHP Dallas Buck. He apparently was a decent prospect some time ago, but had Tommy John surgery in 2006 and thus is behind a bit. He'll be 24 next year, and hopefully in AA.

The other players are unknowns, and will make this either a good or bad deal. I've supported the idea of not signing Dunn to an extension in the past. Given that, the decision about whether or not to trade him comes down to whether the haul in the trade is more valuable than the expected value of the compensation picks. The Reds obviously believe that they're coming out ahead here, but I'll have to see who they get to feel comfortable with this deal.

Morale-wise, it's hard to feel very happy about this. The already-weak offense is going to be a disaster for the rest of the season, and this team clearly isn't going to be much fun to watch. And Adam Dunn was always such a fun, charismatic guy--I'm going to miss him a lot. Add all of this to my already-frustrated state, and you don't have a recipe for a lot of interest on my part through the rest of the season.