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Thursday, August 06, 2009

@BtB: Value to Fans, Power Rankings

Two new posts over at BtB.

First, I updated my power rankings. The Reds are now ranked last in all of baseball. That freaking sucks--good thing it only matters to my spreadsheet.

Second, I revisited a topic that I've looked at once before: which teams offer the most value to their fans? I look at Fan Cost Index (essentially the cost for a family of four to visit the ballpark--tickets, parking, food, drinks, souviers, etc), and compare it to winning percentage. I also explicitly look at beer cost, because beer is fun.

The Reds come out looking pretty decent this year, even though the team stinks. Based on a regression, their Fan Cost is $33 less than expected, based on team winning percentage. If you use the BtB Power Ranking estimated winning percentage, the Reds' FCI comes out $9 less than expected. Still above-average, though not as much. But then, the Power Rankings aren't kind to our Redlegs.

The Reds' beer is also cheaper than expected, though only by a few cents. Good thing--we need it.

Hat Tip to ctrent for the link to the latest FCI stuff.