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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Thoughts about Padres/Rockies Tiebreaker

  • Hopefully that game won't be the highlight of the postseason. A 13-inning tiebreaker game in Coors' field between two of the top run-prevention teams in the National League? Unreal.
  • This game is a performance analyst's nightmare, or dream depending on one's perspective. Until I get my park factors finished, I fall into the former category. The team playing with the highest park factor in baseball vying with the team with the lowest park factor in baseball.
  • The TBS announcers seemed a bit subdued, given how big of a game this was. Maybe I'm just used to radio guys. Haven't watched many TV games since the all-star break. Prior to the 11th they called it a "very good ballgame." Very good?! It was amazing, especially given the context.
  • Adrian Gonzalez must be among the most underrated hitters in baseball. Park effects matter.
  • Seemed to me that the 8th inning was a bit early to bring in the defensive replacements in a 1-run game. I know there's a humidor, but it's still Coors' Field. But I guess I should give the Colorado manager the benefit of the's his park, after all.
  • I officially have a massive man-crush on Troy Tulowitzki, especially after his play in the 9th. Most unbelievable play I've seen in a long time. Unquestionably the Rookie of the Year.
  • Matt Holliday didn't do much to help his MVP candidacy. He shouldn't win anyway, though, despite a fine season.
  • Heath Bell was a monster.
  • My TIVO recording of the game ended just after Hairston's 2-run homer in the top of the 13th. I wasn't too upset, as I figured I saw the clincher. ... grr.... (see above strike through)