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Sunday, October 28, 2007

World series thoughts...

Well, this hasn't been a very good world series. Rockies can't get anything going offensively, which has made the games one-sided and lacking much real tension.

And now we're at the absolute lowest point. As I type this, we're in the top of 8th inning of what will probably (91% win probability) be the final game of the world series, with the Rockies desperately trying to keep the deficit within three runs. And the only thing that the announcers are talking about is a certain player's (who I will not name) completely unsurprising decision to opt out of his contract. Incredibly poor form by Fox, not to mention this particular player and his agent. This is the freaking world series. Announcements about players not involved--or quite frankly anything else about baseball--should never be permitted to upstage this game. How irritating.

Edit: Congrats to the Red Sox, and to the Rockies, on their terrific seasons. Shame it had to end with a fairly mundane world series, but it was still a nice season by both franchises. Great to see the Rockies finally breaking through to get to this stage...hopefully the Reds can follow suit soon.