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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On Baseball and the Reds is Two!

I forgot about this, but March 1st was this site's second birthday! Here's a link to the debut post, as well as last year's post.

The site continues to be the source of a tremendous amount of fun and satisfaction for me. I never have time to do as much as I'd like, but I'm pleased with what I have been able to do. Running a blog is a great way to follow and learn about baseball, and it's allowed me to interact with a lot of very interesting, talented, and (thankfully!) friendly people over the past two years. Thanks to everyone who continues to visit!!

Site stats:

I'm a stathead, so I gotta throw out some usage stats:

As of today, the site has had over 100,000 page loads, over 80,000 unique visits, and most importantly to me, over 30,000 visits from returning visitors. Granted, a lot of sites do that much traffic in a few hours, but for an esoteric little blog like mine, that seems pretty darn good.

What's amazing to me is how the site continues to gain traffic: from March-December 2006 (10 months), the site received 21,000 unique visits. This year, from January through mid-March (2.5 months), it's already received 14,000 unique visits.

We also received a modest sponsorship this past winter from, which helps pay for the minor expenses associated with my activities here (subscriptions, books, etc). Please give them a look when you're buying your tickets this year. And I'm half-way to my first check from Google Adsense! Just one more year ought to do it... :)

Here's some other fun, big brother-esque stuff that I can learn from Google analytics. These data only go back to April 2007...
  • People
    • 52% of you use internet explorer, 42% of you use firefox, with Safari coming up a very distant third.
    • 90% of you use Windows, 9% of you use a Mac, and 0.5% of you use Linux. And 3 hits have come from someone's Playstation 3. :)
    • 44% of you use high-speed cable, 17% use DSL, 14% have a T1 connection, and 3% are on dial-up (though 22% of you are "unknown").
    • 92% of you are from the USA, 3% from Canada, and 3% are from either Taiwan, Japan, or South Korea.
  • Traffic
    • 47% of my traffic comes from direct links to my site. Of those visitors arriving via links:
    • 28% of my traffic comes from search engines, and 93% of all search traffic comes from google. Yahoo comes in at 4%, with AOL at 1.5%, and MSN at just 0.4%.
One thing that becomes clear from all of this is how important Redleg Nation and Red Reporter are to the Reds' blogosphere. I would never have gotten off the ground if it weren't for the traffic delivered by Chad and JD, especially early on. Thanks!