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Friday, March 14, 2008

Seeing Red

Every year around this time, there are a few new Reds blogs. It's always fun to see new perspectives on our team. I recently "discovered" (i.e. was given a link to) this one by Chris called Seeing Red, and I'm enjoying it a lot. Here's a few samples:
  • Chris thinks that Homer Bailey might be over-rotating on some of his pitches, resulting in inconsistency in where he plants his feet. I don't have FSN Ohio, so I couldn't see the game in question, but Will Carroll talked about Homer being inconsistent in where he places his feet last year.
  • Here's Chris's take on why there tends to be so much animosity between statheads and traditionalists. He brings up a lot of great points. I think that Chris is right that this "debate" is becoming a thing of the past in most MLB organizations, but the recent stuff with Daugherty is evidence that the "battle" is just beginning in the public and in the media. As Chris points out, the future is integration of stats and scouting, not the move from one to the other.
  • Here's Chris's own examination of Dusty Baker's tendency to (not) use rookies, published before my Hardball Times piece. He seems to come to the same conclusion I did--there's not much reason to think that Baker is particularly unusual in this respect.
Anyway, add him to your RSS reader if you get a chance.