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Friday, April 04, 2008

Johnny Cueto is my favorite kid pitcher

Tonight was the first night I've seen Cueto pitch (via TiVo). Now, I know almost nothing about pitching. I can analyze stat lines, and I can see where a pitch lands vs. where a catcher's mitt is originally located. But I don't know good movement from bad movement, and can only correctly identify maybe (at best) 60% of pitches thrown by pitch type.

But my goodness, I was getting chills watching him. I don't know if I've ever seen a Reds pitcher miss so many bats. Not just the strikeouts--they had more swinging strikes than I've seen in a long time. I'm sure Doug will do some pitchf/x fun with this game.

Mark Grace and Darren Sutton were worshiping him the entire game. Always fun when the opposing team announcers are in love with your favorite kid pitcher. And yes, he's officially my favorite kid pitcher now. :)

Also, I didn't mention it yesterday, but Keppinger sure looks like a good hitter. I see why people are so entranced with him. It was fun to see him go deep tonight...though his power's still the biggest question I have about him this season. Dunn sure has looked good so far too--seems like he has a lot more confidence than I've seen him have in the past. For whatever that's worth.

On the downside, Griffey hasn't looked real good. Not much solid contact, lots of weak ground balls. Not that he got a whole lot to hit. And Freel once again got himself thrown out on the basepaths, and managed to pop up a bunt in a silly count for bunting. I swear, I think he does something stupid every time I see him play.

I'm just loving watching my Reds on TV this week. Part of it's the long offseason, but even so, I just don't get many chances here in Arizona. I'm really looking forward to living in Pirates country so I can see them more throughout the season.