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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WBC Games - Monday & Tuesday

Korea(*) over Japan, 1-0

Aside from the fact that Korea won, it felt like Japan played the better game. I think that was because Korea ran themselves into so many outs, which made Japan's defense look extremely solid. But Japan certainly couldn't get anything going against former Reds farmhand Bong Jung Keon, nor his replacements, and it's hard to win a game when you don't score a run.

The Asian bracket played out perfectly in the first round. Hopefully that will help my bouy up the rest of my brackets, which are looking pretty dreadful right now.

Venezuela over Italy, I think.

I never forecasted that Italy would win a game, so I can't claim any sort of prediction on this game 4--though I did choose Venezuela to win the first match-up between these teams (which they did). Great to see Chris Denorfia again--I don't think I've seen him play since he was traded...though I wish I would have seen him against Canada, as he apparently had a heck of a game. Not digging the 'satche though.

...and, for some reason, my recording bugged out early. Last I saw, though, Venezuela was up handily over Italy with little sign of letting up.