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Thursday, May 14, 2009

After many years of "thinking about it," I've finally decided to change the name of the website. And with the new name comes a new domain:

Admittedly, the Reds aren't exactly in the basement right now. But the Reds do have a proud tradition of losing. So, even if their success continues, the name can be an homage to many long years of bottom-dwelling. Besides, I love the double entendre here: I am happily writing this in my basement right now, which is, as everyone knows, where statheads like me spend our time.

The name change also recognizes a few things. One, while the Reds will always be my primary focus here, I do plan to spend some time on some other teams as well--especially the Altoona Curve, my local minor league team. Two, the old site name has always been a bit lame. Three, it's long since past time to retire the equally lame attempt to go by "justin inaz." For now, I'll just go as Justin and leave it at that. Some day I'll "come out," but for now I don't want co-workers googling me and finding this stuff. At least not yet.

From my limited testing thus far, don't think this move will break any links, as everything should re-direct from the old blogspot domain to the new domain. You shouldn't even have to update your bookmarks! Not sure about feeds, but I'll work on that tomorrow. If anyone notices anything that breaks in the meantime, please let me know.

Thanks for continuing to stop by. Hopefully, now that my semester is over, I'll be able to be a bit more active around here.