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Friday, May 08, 2009

Reds Stars thus far

Just for fun, here are the Reds hitting and pitching "stars" of every game thus far, defined as the highest scoring hitter and pitcher within each game according to WPA.

Date WorL Star Pitcher Star Hitter
6-Apr L Harang Dickerson
8-Apr L Massett Phillips
9-Apr W Rhodes Votto
11-Apr L Burton McDonald
12-Apr W Harang Phillips
13-Apr W Cordero Encarnacion
14-Apr W Herrera Hairston
15-Apr L Massett Dickerson
17-Apr W Cordero Hernandez
18-Apr L Herrera Dickerson
19-Apr W Volquez Gonzalez
20-Apr W Cordero Votto
21-Apr L Burton Bruce
22-Apr W Cueto Cueto
23-Apr W Harang Gonzalez
24-Apr L Rhodes Encarnacion
25-Apr L Herrera Hanigan
26-Apr W Owings Bruce
27-Apr L Cueto Votto
28-Apr L Massett Hairston
29-Apr W Volquez Nix
1-May W Arroyo Taveras
2-May L Rhodes Votto
3-May W Cueto Hernandez
4-May L Lincoln Bruce
5-May W Volquez Votto
6-May L Herrera Bruce
7-May W Cordero Owings
8-May W Cueto Hairston

Please note that "star" in some of the losses is a bit of a loose term, because in some cases it was more "the guy with the least bad impact," be that giving up the least number of runs, or making an out in a meaningless late-inning pinch-hit at-bat in a blowout loss. :) Nevertheless, with just few exceptions, these are the guys who I would have chosen as the biggest contributors of the games.

Here are frequency of appearance in the above tables for each player:
Bruce 4
Cueto 1
Dickerson 3
Encarnacion 2
Gonzalez 2
Hanigan 1
Hernandez 2
McDonald 1
Nix 1
Owings 1
Phillips 2
Taveras 1
Votto 5

Arroyo 1
Burton 2
Cordero 4
Cueto 4
Harang 3
Herrera 4
Lincoln 1
Massett 3
Owings 1
Rhodes 3
Volquez 3

Cueto and Owings appear in both lists. :) I wonder how many teams have even one player showing up in both lists?

Data from Fangraphs.