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Friday, May 15, 2009

Twitter Digest

I've been having fun with twitter, but I know not everyone is on there or pays attention to the tweets in the upper-left corner of the blog. So, here's some of my twitter activity over the past week or so, plus (because I'm free of the 140 character limit, some additional commentary:
  • Paul Janish is the third hardest-throwing non-pitcher pitcher of the last 7 years! [selective sampling, but hey, go Paul!]
  • Craig has my favorite take on the Manny and PED situation. And I agree with him on all counts.
  • In-season ZiPS? Wow! FanGraphs > Seriously. [FanGraphs has supplanted Bref and Hardball Times for the majority of the stats that I pull for reports on this site]
  • Great take by DePodesta on the dangers of drawing too much from small samples, in this case on Brian Giles. [Keep this in mind when viewing Edwin Encarnacion or even Alex Gonzalez's hitting line this season]
  • Crap. [in reaction to Bill Bray's apparent need for Tommy John Surgery--I really expected Bray to be an important setup man for us this season. Fortunately, Rhodes has been virtually unhittable, and Herrera's been acceptable]
  • I agree with this. Only thing I like about the unbalanced schedule is that the Reds and Pirates play a lot (tv for me)
  • Last but definitely not least: Eric Milton will start tomorrow for the Dodgers! [Aren't they the best team in the National League?]