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Friday, February 01, 2008

Anybody ever been to Altoona?

I'm interviewing for a job that would involve living in a town that is relatively close to the Pirates' AA franchise in Altoona, PA. Just curious if anyone out there has been to that ballpark. :)


  1. Been there? No. But I seemed to remember reading somewhere that it was a cool franchise with a great park. Looks like that's correct:

    Ball Parks of the Minor Leagues - Altoona

    Blair County Ballpark - Paul's Minorleague Stadium Pages

    "Awful Night" promotion in Altoona

    Waymark: Blair Co. Stadium

    Book Excerpt - 'Ultimate Minor League Roadtrip': Altoona Curve

    Looks pretty sweet, and reviews are universally glowing. A doubledeck stadium in AA, with brick facade, and a restored rollercoaster beyond rightfield? That's a winner.

  2. Wow, sounds good!

    Ok, so at least that aspect of the job works for me. We'll see how the actual position is. :D -j

  3. You'd be moving cross country, correct? Better be a good job hahah.

  4. Well, I'm definitely targeting that general area of the country. My wife and I are tired of being this far away from family. ... not to mention being so far away from the Reds! -j

  5. Been there? Heck, I WORKED there! Actually, I worked for a radio station in the Curve broadcasting network and spent a lot of evenings in the Curve pressbox. It's been 6 years since I moved away but I have nothing but great memories of going to that ballpark. It's a beautiful park, a typically kid/fan friendly minor league atmosphere, and that "unique-ness" factor from the coaster in rightfield.
    Criminy.... As I wrote all that out I just got angrier and angrier. For all their incompetence/greed asa MLB-level club they sure have some nice parks. Nicer than they deserve, IMO.

  6. Thom,

    Thanks for the first-person account. It definitely sounds nice. Too bad there won't be a game when I interview later this month.

    As for Pirates...their new GM has me intrigued. They'll be interesting to watch in the coming years. -j