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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Baseball Cube has current stats (beta)

While Baseball Reference has been getting a lot of the press this season thanks to its new Play Index features, '07 stats, and organization depth charts, The Baseball Cube is still the site I use most often when looking up individual player stats. The reason? Minor league stats. Many of the new players we see on the Reds have a longer track record in the minors than in the majors, and those stats can help us understand how they'll perform in the big leagues. And until another site starts publishing major and minor league statistics in their player records, I don't see myself moving on from the Cube for this purpose.

That's why I was particularly excited to notice that the Baseball Cube is now posting updated 2007 stats to its player records! This includes not only current major league statistics, but also minor league statistics. This is incredibly helpful when trying to understand mid-season deals like the the Cantu deal this evening (more on that in a bit). So kudos to Gary at the Baseball Cube for this addition--it is "only" in beta right now, but seems to be working great...and is just insanely helpful.