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Friday, July 13, 2007

MLB First Half 2007 Defensive Ratings

One of the projects I've been working on this week has involved calculating plus/minus defensive stats for all ballplayers in the first half. I thought I'd share these data in case others are interested.

The stats are based on THT's ZR data. The conversion to a +- plays statistic is very straightforward--my methodology can be found here.

Here are the top three players at each position so far this season. Values are plays made above average.
Albert Pujols +32.1
Casey Kotchman +12.0
Adrian Gonzalez +11.7

Chase Utley +21.5
Mark Ellis +12.1
Brandon Phillips +11.4

David Wright +32.1
Joe Crede +23.7
Pedro Feliz +19.6

Troy Tulowitzki +24.3
Adam Everett +17.4
Jack Wilson +14.4

Eric Byrnes +10.8
Norris Hopper +10.2
Matt Diaz +10.2

Ichiro Suzuki +34.5
Andruw Jones +29.5
Curtis Granderson +18.7

Shane Victorino +20.9
Austin Kearns +17.7
Andre Ethier +10.6
Nice to see a couple of Reds on that list. Hopper's been unreal in left field, though obviously he is best positioned in center field.

Also interesting to see Troy Tulowitzki overtaking Adam Everett at SS. Granted, Everett's hurt, but this Tulowitzski kid can pick it.

And Ichiro's transition to CF seems to have gone pretty well...

Update: There's been some good discussion of these data over at Baseball Think Factory (thanks to repoz for linking).

Update2: To my dismay, there were some problems with the spreadsheet for LF and RF. They have been corrected. The data I reported here was fine, but something got messed up when I uploaded the excel sheet to google (or something).